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The Pakistan ABC Activity Book


This is an excellent tool for learning the alphabet as well as a tool for learning words commonly used in Pakistan translated into English from Urdu. Your child can complete a range of activities to reinforce their understanding of the alphabet in ways that are both educational and fun. Whether they are colouring in a henna-adorned hand or connecting the dots to form an image of the Pakistani flag, your child will learn the alphabet and learn a little about Pakistan culture along the way.

ISBN Number : 978-1-912577-04-0

Series : ABC



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It can be hard to provide our children with cultural content that celebrates one’s heritage in a stimulating and educational manner. Knowsy Kids seeks to teach children the unique attributes of cultural heritage from around the world from a very early age. The Pakistan ABC Activity Book, is a combination of 52 A-Z activities and illustrations that promotes the country’s traditions, language and national treasures. This activity book helps prepare children for pre-school education, entertaining them along the way.


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