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Colour Our Country Barbados


Cultural content is often not packaged in an appealing way for children. Knowsy Kids seeks to stimulate children, teaching them about their cultural heritage in a fun and exciting manner. “Colour Our Country: Barbados” is a unique compilation of stunning illustrations and interactive activities which showcase some of Barbados’s best-loved attractions and culture. The activity book includes interesting facts about the country.

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The Colour Our Country series of activity books offer children a more detailed look at each country’s specific culture. Through a range of activities involving literacy and numeracy, your child can learn about many countries in depth. Colour Our Country Barbados provides young learners with the opportunity to learn about places of interest, history and culture. It is a resource rich in activities which develop a number of skills: from developing their fine motor skills, colouring images of places of interest to developing their knowledge and understanding of the island’s rich and expressive dialect.

The activity book includes interesting facts about the country and features places in all 11 parishes such as Animal Flower Cave, Caribbean Wax Museum, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Mount Hillaby, Maycocks Beach and Harrison’s Cave to name a few. Through a range of activities such as drawing the Barbadian flag, labelling the 11 parishes, fill in the blanks, etc; your child is able to learn about the country and its parishes in depth. The book is comprised of literacy and numeracy activities as well an opportunity for children to speak the Bajan dialect.

With a range of fantastic images depicting attractions loved by islanders and tourists alike, the Colour Our Country Barbados book is a real gem which will be sure to familiarise your child with the much-loved “Bim” island.


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