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Adrian Copeland

Adrian is a sedulous, diligent and enterprising individual who is enthusiastic about teaching and seeing children excel in all areas of life. In 2001, Adrian began teaching in outreach homework centres in low-income communities, while studying at university. He has continued to develop his passion for teaching in state schools in Jamaica and the UK. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in education and will be commencing his Master’s degree in education.

He has held many teaching and learning, as well as management responsibilities, such as work scrutiny, coordinating intervention strategies and maintaining documentation. He also helped to mentor and coach Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT), participants of the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) and other members of his team who require additional support to boost their confidence and performance.

Adrian has delivered courses to meet the requirements of several exam boards and has moderated coursework and completed stringent work scrutiny and monitoring to facilitate expert delivery of the courses that has resulted in excellent success rates over the course of his career.

He has provided leadership in the development and management of pastoral work for students in years 8 to 11; overseeing student progress in all subjects. For example, Adrian had to forged close home links to liaise with young people, parents, colleagues and external agencies to implement appropriate pastoral and subject intervention strategies to address underperformance.

Adrian also has several years of experience working with several youth service organisations, organising activities for young people to boost their self-esteem and equip them with skills such as engineering and electronics.

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