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Knowsy Kids was born out of a desire to teach children about their cultural heritage. Our directors have been teaching in the UK for a combined total of 25 years. During this time, they observed that second and third generation immigrants tended to identify with the culture of the country they lived in, rather than that of their parents and grandparents.


Moreover, these children often knew very little about their ancestral heritage, including languages and dialects, either forgetting or simply never learning about them in the first place. As a result of this, children felt little or no direct connection to the countries where their families originated from.


After noticing a gap in the market for books and other resources that reflected the culture of the children who use them, our directors decided to create products to mirror their ancestral roots. These resources would not only teach about anthropological aspects of their background but also develop children learning through a culturally responsive pedagogy. By using our Knowsy Kids resources, children will understand customs and practices that they would not usually be cognisant of.


Our resources feature historical and culturally relevant content from countries across six continents. Culture is often said to be implicit, and therefore not customarily taught systematically as a discrete subject matter.  We at Knowsy Kids believe that culture should not only be embedded in the curriculum but taught as a fully enriched programme of study.  One of our key goals is to teach children about their cultural heritage by showcasing the traditions, places, customs and practices from countries all around the world with the use of exciting and engaging resources.


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